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Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Abraracourcix
German name : Majestix
Dutch name : Heroïx
Spanish name : Abraracúrcix
Italian name : Abraracourcix
Portugese name : Matasétix


Being a chief really reveals what a man is made of, particularly if he is in charge of the only village in Gaul capable of standing up to the Roman legions, both past and future.

With great warriors like Asterix and Obelix at his side (especially when they have had their fill of magic potion!), you might think that Vitalstatistix has an easy time of it. You couldn’t be further from the truth! More than once, our leader has stood up to the test and has shown over and over that he’s no “half-pint chief” (even if this idea was turned into one of the best gags René Goscinny has ever served up! See page 6 in Asterix in Switzerland).

And we’re not talking about his repeatedly falling shield, or even the caustic remarks made by Impedimenta to her “Piggywiggy” when she bends his ear boasting about the success of her brother-in-law Homeopathix! We’re talking about his more heroic moments. Whether he’s winning an epic battle between village chiefs, defying the Belgians who claim to be the bravest, confronting Orthopaedix or surviving a killer remedy in Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield, Vitalstatistix has always been the first to stand up to defend the honour of his village, or that of Gaul itself.

Some have even inferred a reference to a famous Gaullien general: our authors have played this up by giving Vitalstatistix a press conference (See Asterix and the Class Act) that echoes those held by the famous General in command of Gaul back in the sixties

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