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Asterix and the secret mission

Sega - «Asterix and the secret mission» 1994

The situation is serious: Getafix is running out of Magic Potion! Asterix and Obelix have to go and search for the six essential rare herbs before the news reaches Caesar's ears!

And we're off on a journey through six levels chockfull of objects hidden in vases or under stones, which enable you to increase the capacity of your "cardiometer." Although each life in this game is made up of three hearts, it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. Punches rule, not kisses!

Note that your itinerary will vary depending on whether you decide to play Asterix or Obelix. This guarantees a dazzling variety of ever-changing landscapes (meadow, stream, forest, grotto, ocean bottom, ship, desert, ruins, temple, snow, ice, etc.). Plus, if you're lucky enough to pick up plenty of bones along the way, you may gain access to a "good fortune stage," where Dogmatix joins in the fun and has to fetch the greatest number of object in a limited amount of time!

The instructions in themselves are spine chilling:
Look out for…
… levers that serve as keys to open up new directions.
… that last unsmashed rock that could be hiding something vital.
… death from above, be it Roman or rock.
… good solid surfaces-but not for long!
…time-consuming alleys leading to items of dubious value.
As long as the sky doesn't fall on our heads…

Credits :
"Asterix and the Secret Mission" © 1993 SEGA ENTERPRISES. LTD
Sega, Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear are trademarks of SEGA.

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Screen shot of the game Asterix and the secret mission

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