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Asterix Jigsaw Puzzles

21 rue de Dornach / B.P. 9


This product is available in the following countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal

As specialists in scattering Roman patrols about "like jigsaw pieces", our indomitable Gauls are perplexed. This time taking magic potion won't suffice and they'll need all their insight to compile this formidable collection of Asterix puzzles.

Can you help them? Click on the titles of the Asterix jigsaw puzzles and puzzles balls assembled below to read and see more!

Asterix at the Olympic Games jigsaw puzzles

From comic book to film, two Asterix jigsaw puzzles and a puzzle ball help you relive the experience of Asterix at the Olympic Games.

Asterix and the Vikings jigsaw puzzles

Two Asterix and the Vikings jigsaw puzzles which no-one can resist, not even the terrible Viking warriors!

The Asterix family photo jigsaw puzzles

After the "place that sends you mad" in The 12 Tasks of Asterix, here is the Asterix jigsaw puzzle and puzzle ball which will send you mad!

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