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La boîte à questions Astérix

The Asterix question box

So, you claim to be an expert on the Asterix universe? At a very tender age, you were following the teaching of the druids, and nothing prior to 50B.C. is a mystery to you? Then the La Boite à questions Astérix, available in all good French bookshops, is for you!

You will easily impress everyone by demonstrating the extent of your knowledge, but be warned: questions on history, mythology, customs, sport, leisure activities, food, nature and geography spice up the competition…. "By Toutatis!" cards, "Clout" cards and "Potion" cards… And many more obstacles await you on the road where you can gather Roman helmets by answering correctly 90 questions, broken down into three levels of difficulty. The ideal surprise for Asterix fans looking for indomitable gifts to put under the Christmas tree!

The Asterix question box

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