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Le Cahier des Irréductibles

Resistance is not exclusive to the Indomitable Gauls! Living today in the Empire of stress, anxiety and bother, we need to relax a little. Thanks to the publishing house Éditions Hatier, our Gallic friends come to our rescue with two game books that are the envy of Rome!

Le Cahier des Irréductibles

Enhanced with expert advice on resistance provided by Asterix characters, this game book will provide long hours of fun with games and activities that will help you to:

  • Stand up to all that makes everyday life a misery
  • Withstand the stress and numerous irritations of office life
  • Stay fit and young
  • Vent your anger against everything that annoys you in this modern world…

Designed to help you develop self-control while becoming more cultivated and good humoured!

Le Cahier des Irréductibles

48 pages - 4/colour
21x 29,7 cm

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