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4 Asterix-themed tins of chocolates

Asterix chocolates


Asterix chocolates

This time Asterix, it's a piece of cake for sure! Well, chocolate actually…and the best at that! With the end of year festivities fast approaching, Delacre has decided to spoil us with four super Asterix-themed tins full of its fabulous and totally delicious chocolates.

Basically, here in the Virtual Village, our samples of these limited edition delights didn't last long at all. The chocolates disappeared faster than Obelix can sculpt a menhir, leaving everyone with a smile on their face! Everyone that is except Impedimenta who worries that her husband will suffer another episode of heartburn, forerunner to another diet of the like prescribed in Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield

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Asterix chocolates Asterix chocolates

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