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Asterix Dominos Game

Asterix Dominos Game

Do you remember the “Gladiator Academy”, masterfully orchestrated by Asterix and Obelix? No?
Here’s a quick review: in Asterix the Gladiator, our heroes cause a real revolution in the Circus games by replacing the gladiators’ bloodthirsty trials with totally inoffensive games!
Until then considered to be brainless thugs, Insalubrious’ students suddenly become meek and mild playful boys, eager to win at endless tournaments of “questions you have to answer without saying yes, no, black or white” or “Charades”.

It is only natural that the Asterix the Gladiator album takes pride of place in the collection of games from Editions Atlas, with a game of dominoes with a Gaulish theme.
Caius Fatuous, the gladiator trainer, has everything he needs to joyfully fill his days, once his former students have suddenly decided to change careers…

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