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Asterix card game

Asterix card game

Card players have made their mark in Asterix albums, such as in Asterix and the Banquet, where Caesar Drinklikafix’s tavern plays host to a remake of the legendary card game in Marius, the Marcel Pagnol film.
And in Asterix the Legionary, there are some apathetic Romans playing card games under the watchful eye of Asterix who is seeking information about the disappearance of Tragicomix. This is the album which has been chosen to illustrate the Asterix card game box set.

Inside are two 54-card packs starring the characters in this adventure who accompany our heroes as they enrol in the Roman army! Beggar-My-Neighbour, Manille, Basic Rummy and Crazy Eights... All of these games are reinvented with Asterix, Obelix, Neveratalos and Ptenisnet all featuring as knights in this unique set!

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