With more than a hundred languages and almost 2,000 titles published, the constantly-expanding universe of Asterix albums seems without limits!

Yet such a publishing and cultural phenomenon has its flipside: without help, you can't make head or tails of it! Questions from crazed fans and collectors come to us like so many signals of distress: how many Asterix albums are there in Esperanto? How many translations exist of Asterix the Legionary?

This was all the Asterix virtual village needed to rise to a new challenge: creating a precise and exhaustive map of all translations of the Asterix albums!

Here is our Translation Exchange, the fruit of our painstaking research, a small compilation of state-of-the-art Druid technology that should enable you to discover the international editions of all Asterix albums. Using the various tools inside, you will quickly find that with the Translation Exchange, you don't seek, you find!

A complete portfolio of Asterix albums, this collection of Gaulish pictures displays all the covers of Asterix translations, and even more besides!

With over a hundred languages spoken, the Asterix Village is now global. Using our interactive map, you can now go on a virtual tour of this world.

A new language, or a forgotten album from the 1960s discovered in an attic and added to our Asterix Universalis? The latest news from our Translation Exchange can be found in Quid Novi ?

Updated continually by our most renowned druids, the dynamic counter of the languages spoken by the most famous of Gauls helps you to keep track of the ever-growing number of translations of Asterix albums.
Linked to the summary table of albums carefully kept in the Asterix Universalis, it allows you to follow the development of the Exchange live, by giving each update a precise place on the map of the global Gaulish Village.

With Wikix and 'My Collection', your albums are in the spotlight!
Using Wikix, you can help our druids in charge of preserving Gaulish heritage by sending us pictures of the albums in your own collection. Your name will forever remain engraved in the virtual marble of this Gaulish monument!
As for the 'My Collection' function - reserved for Gaul experts - this allows you to present your albums on your website using tools from our Asterix Universalis.
A must, as the Gauls say!