28 September 2016

All Indomitables

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix is back in a very special anniversary edition!


The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix , the indomitable cult film, sees our hero hunt for permit A38 in The Place That Sends You Mad, resist the feverish temptations of the Isle of Pleasure, identify the detergent of the gods at the behest of the Old Man of the Mountain, and refuse to be spooked by the ghosts of a Roman legion on the haunted plains... It's one unforgettable scene after another!

The highest-grossing Asterix film was first released on 20 October 1976. To mark its 40th anniversary this autumn, Albert Uderzo has created a special anniversary edition that commemorates the much-loved screenplay and dialogues penned by his friend René Goscinny. The special edition is slated for release on 19 October 2016.

To create the new volume, Uderzo personally supervised the creative reworking of more than 1,000 sketches and model sheets originally produced for the film. Opting for the same layout used in How Obelix Fell Into The Magic Potion When He Was A Little Boy , he has assembled more than 40 never-before-seen images, which are presented as full-page illustrations in quill and ink, coloured with watercolours.

In his enthusiasm, he even dusted off his pencils to sketch a new cover for the anniversary edition. Coming soon to your Missive… Watch this space!


Asterix & Friends game finally comes to mobile!

Now you need never abandon your Gaulish village! With the mobile version for iOS and Android, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, which launches today, over two million active players can now work on their village anytime, anywhere, and fend off Roman attack around the clock. And they'll be joined by the burgeoning ranks of new players that are growing by the month!

Available in English, French, German and Spanish, Asterix & Friends brings together the Gaulish hero's multilingual community of fans, who embark on an epic interactive adventure to evade Roman conquest time and again. In the next few months players can look forward to new quests, plus - to celebrate the arrival of the game on mobile - their favourite characters from the series will be making an appearance. By Toutatis, Asterix never realised he had so many friends!


Pattex Junior

Were you cheering on the medallists in Rio? Now try your luck with Asterix and Pattex Junior: enter the competition for a chance to win up to a €100 refund on your sports lessons.

We think Pattex Junior is onto a real winner with these special edition Asterix at the Olympic Games glue sticks! Collect all five characters: Panacea, Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix and Gluteus Maximus.


Since The Twelve Tasks of Asterix is slated to be the hottest event in the literary calendar this term, send your little nippers back to school with Asterix satchels and diaries by Oberthur. This year Dogmatix is back by popular demand. Too cool for school!


Frights at the Park coming soon!

Embrace your fears from 15 October to 2 November* at Parc Astérix!

Cling to your family or friends on our haunted rides as you rattle past gruesome ghouls and diabolical monsters.

Then shriek your way through three haunted houses and the spooky new show Metamorphosis.

Hair-raising thrills, spills and giggles for young and old!

More information ...

* The park is closed on 17 and 18 October 2016..


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Complete Asterix collection in Spanish

An awesome new complete collection of Asterix albums is about to invade Iberia. The set contains all of the Asterix albums in Spanish, including How Obelix Fell Into The Magic Potion When He Was A Little Boy and The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. Plus insights into the creative process behind the adventures of the most famous of the Gauls, with original documents from the archives and anecdotes from the studio.

A total of no less than 38 hardback volumes, featuring cloth-bound spines that line up to form a large frieze of Asterix characters. As Pepe Huevos y Bacon would say, olé!


A French weekly news magazine has met its match in Asterix.

In a Twelve Tasks of Asterix special issue, Paris Match magazine goes behind the scenes of the world-famous comic and reveals an exclusive sneak peek of pages from the new anniversary-edition Asterix album.

From 1961 to the present day, the secrets of the series are revealed album by album, with a look back at milestones in the Asterix story and in the lives of Asterix creators René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, as well as personal anecdotes, and exclusive interviews with celebrities. In a fascinating interview, Uderzo tells of how he first met Goscinny, and his feelings about an Asterix success story beyond his wildest dreams. By Toutatis, the menhir is mightier than the sword with Paris Match, Asterix and the Gau... Gau... Gauls!

Available at newsagents in France from 6 October.

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