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Asterix at the Olympic Games - The film
The characters

The characters

Each new Asterix film brings new characters, and Asterix at the Olympic Games is no exception: the scriptwriters - Thomas Langmann, Olivier Dazat, Alexandre Charlot and Franck Magnier - have created new heroes with strong personalities, whilst nevertheless respecting the long-since established codes of the Asterix universe.

Asterix and Obelix, played here by Clovis Cornillac and Gérard Depardieu, take you through this astonishing portrait gallery:






Caesar : (Alain Delon) Caesar, a new character? Well, no… but whereas he was absent in the original Asterix at the Olympic Games album, Asterix and Obelix's favourite emperor has a major role in the film. At the height of his powers in this outstanding performance, Alain Delon shows dear old Julius to be in imperial form like never before!

Brutus : (Benoît Poelvoorde) Brutus, Caesar's son, joins his father on the surprise guest list of the Asterix at the Olympic Games film. Power-hungry and fascinated by torture (any unfortunate soul who displeases him is drawn and quartered!), Brutus' appearance onscreen is even more evil than the character depicted by Albert Uderzo in Asterix and Son - and that's saying something! But, more than anything, Benoît Poelvoorde's great talent for comedy provides spectators with a never-ending fit of giggles!

Lovesix : (Stéphane Rousseau) Love gives you wings, and Lovesix is brooding passionately. For Irina, his muse, the young Gaul feels ready to defy all of Rome at the Games. Performed by French Canadian actor Stéphane Rousseau, Lovesix makes his mark especially for his clumsiness. It's Asterix and Obelix's job to train him: and to make him a true hero capable of winning over the heart of his true love! A far from simple task…

Princess Irina : : (Vanessa Hessler) As the daughter of King Obnoxious, the sublimely beautiful Greek princess is obliged to marry Brutus… against her will since he leaves her cold in stark contrast to the young Gaul Lovesix, who has seduced her with his inspired poetry… She then has a brilliant idea: only the winner of the Games is worthy of becoming her husband!
Brutus descends into a fury, Lovesix sees fresh hope… Princess Irina, played by the famous Italian model Vanessa Hessler, now joins Panacea and Latraviata in the pantheon of incredible beauties in the Asterix universe! !

Princess Irina





Every Asterix adventure features Roman legionaries. In Asterix at the Olympic Games, meet the members of infamous Brutus's close protection team, including Silenceus et Tenacius in particular. As Brutus' right-hand man, Silenceus (played here by famous German actor Michael Bully Herbig) is never at odds with his master's orders. Or, at least, certainly not since his master cut his tongue out... Caesar's son could give lessons in being over-sensitive to Boneywasawarriorwayayix! Tenacius on the other hand, is notable for his cryptic comments. Alexandre Astier excels in this role, punctuating Brutus' many "achievements" with his unique and irresistible deadpan humour.

In his attempts to bring his vile plans to fruition, Brutus surrounds himself with all manner of gruesome folk, boasting a variety of malign talents! One of them is Doctorjekyllus, a role to which Iberian actor Santiago Segura turns his hand. Imagine a mad, gap-toothed sorcerer who creates creepy inventions; yes, he exists, and his name is Doctorjekyllus!

By his side, Covadinpus, , the eminent inventor of execution methods, he is Brutus' official supplier for all foul deeds… Covadinpus is guaranteed laughs as he is played by the ever-impressive José Garcia. He is gruesomeness, stupidity and maliciousness personified; in a word, hilarious!

By his side, Gluteus Maximus, the Roman star of the Asterix at the Olympic Games album, is played onscreen by Jérôme le Banner, the French K-1 World champion. Another Roman athlete stands out: the terrible Humungus. So terrible is he, we can't bring ourselves to show him in the flesh on these pages ;-) If you want a tip: go and see him in the cinema!

Gluteus Maximus





Also in the wings are: Obnoxious, King of the Greeks and father of Irina, and the priceless judges Alpha, Beta and Omega, respectivement interprétés par Luca Bizzarri, Elie Semoun et Paolo Kessisoglu. performed respectively by Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu and Elie Semoun. And then there's Dany Brillant's appearance as a "mirror tester" (yes, really, they have them in Caesar's palace!), and Hairix Bardix, a very talented bard with a magnificent voice; but he's a fan of Cacofonix, which is simply inexcusable!

As well as the usual characters, of course:

Getafix:(Jean-Pierre Cassel) Played by the much-missed Jean-Pierre Cassel, a great French actor who sadly left us in 2007, Getafix once again brings honour to legendary druid wisdom. As inventor of the famous magic potion, Getafix is much sought after. But, the rules at the Games are clear: if you drink magic potion, you don't get to race chariots!



Mrs Geriatrix


Hairix Bardix

Geriatrix: (Sim) As a veteran of the battle of Gergovia, and doyen of the Village, Geriatrix remains very sprightly for his advanced years. What's more, he's married to the most beautiful woman in the village. Experience, it would seem, pays off!

Mrs Geriatrix: (Adriana Karembeu): No-one knows her first name. Even if she has one, we'd still only remember her incredible beauty and amazingly long legs...

Cacofonix: (Franck Dubosc) The bard is in no doubt, he's convinced that he'll get the chance to sing the Gaulish national anthem in Greece in front of Caesar. And why not an appearance on Fameacademix whilst he's at it?

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