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The Oldest Member of the Village.

Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Agecanonix
German name : Methusalix
Dutch name : Nestorix
Spanish name : Edadepiédrix
Italian name : Matusalemix
Portugese name : Decanonix


Geriatrix, the oldest member of the tribe, is living proof of the magic potion’s power to preserve! Already an old timer in “The Birth of Asterix”, this 93-year old man from Gergovia (52 B.C.) is as sprightly as they come. You only have to see him chasing skirts in Asterix at the Olympic Games or clamouring without rhyme or reason expressions like “want a poke up your hooter?” or “you know what the old relic says to you ?!?”.

We have to say though, after the appearance of his wife (never given a name by the authors of Asterix) in Asterix and the Roman Agent, our hearty ancestor has become a faithful and devoted husband, not hesitating to roll up his sleeves and tackle the household chores while Madame tends to the tasks of a modern Gaulish woman.

Under the influence of his wife, who worships him to no end, he even aspires to higher things, imagining himself as village chief in the place of Vitalstatistix in Asterix and Caesar’s gift. This just goes to show how love can change you no matter how old you are!

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