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Konami - «Asterix» 1991

For the first time, Asterix enters the arcade-game world with a program produced by the famed Japanese company Konami.

Though the project's genesis was a bit laborious (our Tokyo friends kept insisting that Ninja warriors be included in the script!) the game itself turned out to be a dazzling success: a deluge of punches, journeys to Egypt and Hispania, ornery Pirates…

Nothing is missing! Note that the players (a maximum of two, playing simultaneously) must pick up helmets dropped by the Romans to accumulate points.

And they hit the jackpot if they manage to kiss Panacea, who is wandering around the battlefield, oblivious to her surroundings, picking flowers! You won't be surprised to learn that this kiss gives our virtual heroes a vital energy boost.

Credits :
Konami (arcade) © 1991 Konami.
All Rights Reserved.
Konami® is a registered trademark of Konami Co. Ltd.

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Screen shot of the game Asterix Screen shot of the game Asterix Screen shot of the game Asterix
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