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Infogrames - «Asterix» 1993

In its pixillated version, the Asterix universe bears some resemblance to the Bermuda Triangle. This time, in the first Asterix game on Nintendo, Obelix is the one who has vanished!

Of course, Asterix has volunteered to search for his friend, and it is up to you to guide his efforts by using the command console. Surprise number one: the composer of the game's theme music is an unnamed "admirer of Cacofonix"…

As if it weren't bad enough to deal with the hordes of Romans that will inevitably cross your path! Fortunately, those who do not revere Cacofonix can always decide to mute out the music (although, in its time, it was highly praised).

With that melodic decision made, you're on your way! Your voyage will take you across all of Gaul, through the Roman Empire and into the Egyptian pyramids. Instead of charming tourist guides, you will meet up with increasingly ferocious enemies: Romans, of course, dangerous "SPQR" symbols, threatening spiders, birds with an appetite for a bit of prey, fish who are not exactly fresh, catapults, wild boars, pirates - you name it! The list is too long and amazing!


Keep your wits about you while doing battle and don't miss the magic keys, the laurel wreaths, and the chieftain's shields. You'll be surprised at their properties. At the end of each level, additional games allow you to score bonus points. Supposedly, it is even possible to discover treasure stowed in the hold of a pirate ship!

Credits :
"Asterix" © INFOGRAMES 1993
Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo.
INFOGRAMES and the logo INFOGRAMES are registered trademarks of INFOGRAMES S.A.

Screen shots

Screen shot of the game Asterix Screen shot of the game Asterix
Screen shot of the game Asterix Screen shot of the game Asterix Screen shot of the game Asterix Screen shot of the game Asterix

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