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In-Fusio - «Asterix and the Vikings» 2006

The Vikings are attacking! Justforkix, the fearful nephew of Vitalstatistix has been kidnapped during the fight. The desperate chieftain has asked Asterix to retrieve him. He will face the dangers of the Northern territories and fights the fearless Vikings warriors. Through 12 stages and 3 different Worlds, avoid traps and punch the Vikings to rescue the poor Justforkix.

The aim of the game is to overcome the obstacles through the 12 platform levels while collecting various bonuses: skull, Vikings, flasks of potion, etc. The player has 3 lives at the start of the game and you can win lives with the hearts and Asterix heads. Use the "flask" icon to make Asterix invincible for 3 seconds; the hero will then move more quickly and no obstacle will stop him. Discover hidden bonuses by breaking certain objects...

Mobile phone
Release date : April 2006
Number of players : 1


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