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Die Suche nach dem Schwarzen Gold

Ehapa - «Die Suche nach dem Schwarzen Gold» 1997

This CD-Rom is an interactive comic-book style adaptation of the album Asterix and the Black Gold.

The programme combines educational value (with a Gallo-Roman glossary that provides an introduction to the Akkadians and Hittites, to ancient Jerusalem and Mesopotamia, a number of Latin quotations and, of course, the comic-book characters) as well as pure entertainment.

There are six games, all with tantalizing titles: "The Hunt for Wild Boar", "The Pirates' Competition," "Sink the Ships", "The House of Edifis," "At the Gates of Tyre " and "The Barrels of Luck." More than enough to permit a display of skill, intelligence, general knowledge and strategy!

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This game has been published by EGMONT INTERACTIVE

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