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Asterix : Search for Dogmatix

Atari - «Astérix : Search for Dogmatix» 2000

If you have trouble choosing between an adventure game with a suspenseful, in-depth investigation and a game of skill made for joystick fanatics, "Asterix: search for Dogmatix" is just for you!

If you play in "adventure" mode, you set out to search for Dogmatix in six worlds and 30 levels (taking you on journeys throughout Gaul, Egypt, Rome, etc.). And the dozen or so mini-games in "instant fun" mode are sure to keep your fingers busy between two stations on the underground.

There's a catch, though: to access the whole set of mini-games, you have to win Bonus Tokens by playing in "adventure" mode. By Belenos, this is a game for the truly indomitable!

A word to the wise: certain levels contain a hidden magic potion which will make you invincible for a short time… as long as you've chosen to play the role of Asterix the Gaul. If you've opted for Obelix, be careful, because imbibing the potion will make you so ill you'll turn a sickening shade of green. Hardly recommended if you have a wild-boar dinner date with Panacea!

Screen shots

Screen shot of the game Asterix : Search for Dogmatix
   Features :
Genre : Platform / Action
Release date : 31 May 2000
Number of players : 1
Available in six languages : French, German, Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish.

Credits :
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