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The 7 adventures of Asterix

The 7 adventures of Asterix

Happy Families may be a widely appreciated, traditional game, but now the Asterix universe presents a version that will redefine the genre!

Whilst the aim of the game is similar (to collect all the cards illustrated with drawings from seven Asterix albums), the novelty lies in the way the game is played: each card has three different levels of questions and a new wheel allows players to spin a menhir that will determine their fate.

But, as Getafix will confirm, the menhir wheel of fortune can bring many surprises with it!
Is that a vial of magic potion I see on my card? If so, Tapisdesourix et Doubleclix will have to give me the card I want! But now I have a dangerous trap – I’ll have to forfeit my turn!

Finally, if one of Fulliautomatix and Unhygienix’s flying fish appears, I will have to exchange all my cards for those of the player on my right, AND miss my turn! You’d think that the “freshness” of some of those fish has somehow rubbed off on me, and that nobody wants to play with me any more…
There’s no question about it: the ancient Gaulish version of Happy Families is an adventure in itself!

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