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Asterix et Obélix Bash Them All

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Atari - «Asterix and Obelix Bash Them All!» 2002

What could be better than an Asterix game? Two Asterix games, of course! Indeed, this extraordinary cartridge designed for GameBoy Advance offers the lucky player two games for the price of one.

Allow us to introduce the one on the right, inspired by Asterix and Cleopatra. Your mission, as you control our two heroes, is to help Edifis with the construction of a palace for Cleopatra. Mainly, you'll be defending him from the vile stratagems of his rival Artifis and Caesar's watchful legions.

There are six levels, each of which offers premium fun and games: a pirate attack at sea, a chase to recover the sack Artifis has stolen from Getafix, an encounter with crocodiles on the banks of the Nile, a tour of the pyramids with the mischievous guide Krukhut, escape from an Egyptian jail and a battle to defend the palace from an attack by Roman troops.

In the game on my left, "Asterix and Obelix," the idea is to bring souvenirs from every country in the Roman Empire to Julius Caesar, who deluded himself into thinking he could confine our indomitable Gauls to their village. Hang onto your helmet as your package tour, eventful as ever, takes you to see the wonders of (Great) Brittany, Helvetia, Greece, Mesopotamia, and Spain.

Among the many mini-games (from "MummyBall" to "Stone'em all") accessible in both adventures, there is one that is dedicated to the most brilliant gamers. You'll have to combine one half of a code you managed to find in "Asterix and Cleopatra" with the other half, concealed in "Asterix and Obelix." in order to solve the puzzle and win the hidden bonus! Get ready to deal out plenty of punches...

Features :
Genre : Maxi Beat'em all
Street date : 25th January 2002
Number of players : 1 or 2 players with the Link mode
Exists in : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch.

Credits :
INFOGRAMES and the logo INFOGRAMES are registered
trademarks of INFOGRAMES S.A.
Nintendo GameBoy Advance is a trademark of Nintendo.

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Screen shot of the game Asterix et Obélix Bash Them All

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