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Das Museum der Asterix-Games

Die Legionen von Backpfeifen, die diesen spinnenden Römern erteilt wurden, kann man auch auf Joypads und Wiimote austeilen! Seit fast dreißig Jahren haben die Unbeugsamen Gallier einen Erfolg nach dem Anderen errungen, indem sie Pixel-Helden auf allen Konsolen wurden. Eine Geschichte, die man in unserem Museum der Asterix-Videospiele mit Screenshots, Trailern und Demo-Videos (wieder-)entdecken kann.

«Asterix und Kleopatra»


Kleopatra, die Königin Ägyptens, hat mit Julius Cäsar gewettet, ihr Volk könnte ihr in drei Monaten einen prunkvollen Palast erbauen. Die Ehre fällt auf Numerobis, der seine treuen gallischen Freunde Asterix, Obelix und Miraculix herbeiruft, um ihm bei dieser Aufgabe zu helfen.

«Asterix XXL 2 Mission Wifix»


A precursor among the world of video games, Asterix - using since the early eighties this wonderful technology that enables us to use joysticks to whomp Roman legions on all kinds of platforms - is making an explosive entry into the world of the PSP and the NDS.

«Asterix and the Vikings»


The Vikings are attacking! Justforkix, the fearful nephew of Vitalstatistix has been kidnapped during the fight. The desperate chieftain has asked Asterix to retrieve him. He will face the dangers of the Northern territories and fights the fearless Vikings warriors.

«Asterix : Rescue Obelix»


The Gaulish village is in peril! Obelix disobeyed Getafix's strict orders and drank a whole cauldron of magic potion. He has now turned into stone and has been captured by the Romans.

«Asterix and Obelix XXL2»


Confront the most famous characters in the history of video gaming and discover over a hundred icons of the game-screen hidden among the levels.

«Asterix and Obelix XXL»


Caesar and his troops have invaded the indomitables, taking advantage of the momentary absence of their two greatest warriors.

«Asterix and Obelix Bash Them All!»


Your mission, as you control our two heroes, is to help Edifis with the construction of a palace for Cleopatra. Mainly, you'll be defending him from the vile stratagems of his rival Artifis and Caesar's watchful legions.

«Asterix Mega-Madness»


Resourceful Vitalstatistix has taken it upon himself to organise a series of contests, the winner of which will have the honour of sitting next to him at a special banquet the Gauls are holding to congratulate themselves for having held out against the Roman Empire for so many years.

«Astérix : Search for Dogmatix»


If you have trouble choosing between an adventure game with a suspenseful, in-depth investigation and a game of skill made for joystick fanatics, "Asterix: search for Dogmatix" is just for you!

«Asterix Gallic War»


The indomitable Gauls themselves have made up their minds to free their land in order to bring a new supply of ingredients to Getafix for the magic potion.

«Asterix and Obelix Take on Caesar»


This particular Asterix video game stands out from the rest because it is actually an adaptation of the first live-action film. As a result, Asterix and Obelix do not appear in their cartoon version. Instead, they are personified by the pixillated features of movie stars Christian Clavier and Gerard Depardieu, admirably portrayed in 3-D.

«Die Suche nach dem Schwarzen Gold»


This CD-Rom is an interactive comic-book style adaptation of the album Asterix and the Black Gold. The programme combines educational value as well as pure entertainment.

«Asterix and the power of gods»


Caesar has stolen the legendary shield of Vercingetorix from Vitalstatistix in order to humiliate the Gauls by staging a victory parade at Gergovia (the pride of all of Gaul), astride the highly prized shield.

«Asterix and Obelix»


Alone with Asterix or Obelix, or with them both, travel through the Roman Empire to bring Caesar a souvenir from each country you visit.

«Asterix and the secret mission»


The situation is serious: Getafix is running out of Magic Potion! Asterix and Obelix have to go and search for the six essential rare herbs before the news reaches Caesar's ears!

«Asterix : Caesar's Challenge»


Caesar challenges our indomitable Gauls to wander the Roman Empire freely. This provocation is bound to make Gaulish blood boil: after the Tour of Gaul (in Asterix and the Banquet), here comes the Tour of the Roman Empire.



This game may have been tiny, but it sure packed a punch! Asterix had to take on an entire Roman army, no less, with the survival of the Gaulish village at stake!



Obelix has vanished! Of course, Asterix has volunteered to search for his friend, and it is up to you to guide his efforts by using the command console.

«Asterix and the great rescue»


The Romans have outdone themselves this time! They've kidnapped Getafix and Dogmatix! Asterix and Obelix must embark upon a long journey to find and rescue the hostages.



For the first time, Asterix enters the arcade-game world with a program produced by the famed Japanese company Konami.

«Asterix : Operation Getafix»


Getafix has been beaned by one of Obelix's menhirs (when the well-built Gaul accidentally misses his Roman target) and is suffering from amnesia. He is therefore unable to brew up a new batch of magic potion.

«Asterix and the Magic Carpet»


Reflecting the plot of the album of the same name ("the eponymous album," as the most learned druids would say), this game was an opportunity to combine action and adventure to the most thrilling effect.

«Astérix and the Magic Cauldron»


If there's one thing Obelix can't stand, it's when Getafix reminds him that he fell into the magic potion when he was a little boy, and that's why he is strictly forbidden to imbibe when it is distributed to the village.

«Astérix et la potion magique»


The pixillated life is a challenge to the Gaulish village! This time, Getafix has been taken prisoner by the Romans, in a game inspired by the album Asterix the Gaul.



This game was named for Obelix, and it was only natural for our hero to strike out with his menhirs while avoiding dangerous projectiles.



Asterix was present on the video game scene as early as 1984, having made a striking debut on the legendary Atari 2600® console.

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