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The game book «Cherche et trouve Idéfix»

The game book «Cherche et trouve Idéfix»

After the success of Cherche et Trouve Astérix that came out a few months ago, here's a follow-up full of bite: Cherche et Trouve Idéfix!

This game-book offers hours of fun as you strive to find Dogmatix and his famous Gaul friends, hidden away in crowds of colourful characters!

You'll have to work like a bloodhound since the little dog fiercely defends his freedom and knows how to go unseen when he wants to…. But the game is worth the effort, because the most observing players will be rewarded with a terrific trophy: the golden bone that Dogmatix dreams about in Asterix at the Olympic Games!

32 pages
30 x 24 cm
ISBN : 9782012268277
Hachette Jeunesse
Price : 8.90 €

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The game book «Cherche et trouve Idéfix»

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