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Asterix and the Vikings Blu-ray DVD

A spirited young man from Lutetia, Justforkix, the nephew of chief Vitalstatistix, makes a blazing entrance to the Asterix Village. His flamboyant chariot, his carrier pigeon SMS (ShortMessageServix) and the wild rhythms of the Lutetian nights brings a breath of fresh air to the Gauls.

But the celebrations are cut short for the young man: his father, Doublehelix, entrusts our heroes with the mission of making his son into man, a real man!

All this is easier said than done since Justforkix is a real coward! This catches the attention of the terrible Viking warriors who are in search of a genuine "champion of fear". Their aim: to learn to fly like birds as it is well known that "Fear gives you wings"…

Kidnapped by the Vikings, Justforkix meets the beautiful Abba and discovers, at the end of thrilling adventures, that it is love and not fear that "gives you wings"…

With the voices of Sean Astin, Evan Rachel Wood, John DiMaggio, Paul Giamatti and Brad Garrett.

An album of this film, adapted from the two adventures Asterix and the Normans and Asterix and the Crossing is available from Les Editions Albert René.


Asterix and the Vikings Blu-ray DVD

Making of: The secrets behind the making of the film
From comic strip to film
New characters
Meeting with the barbarians
Sound effects
Celine Dion video

High Definition Image1080p
Around 1h15 - Colour - 16/9 - Coding: AVC
Film format: 1.85
Original French Version
dts-HD Master Audio Dual Mono
Audio: French and English -dts 5.1 and 2.0
Subtitles: French, deaf and hard of hearing, English

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