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The Arena Challenge Asterix game

Le défi de l’arène
The Arena Challenge Asterix game

Finally, a game where you can put those Roman legionaries back in their place just as Asterix and Obelix love to do in the comics!

This game has everything! “Astérix – Le défi de l’arène” (The Arena Challenge) combines action and tactical reasoning, allowing you to get closer than ever to how Obelix must feel in full flow, bursting with enthusiasm, as he rips through the heart of a Roman legion cowering beneath their shields!

It’s a sort of version 2.0 board game, requiring you to prove your skill and demonstrate your true strategic talents in order to claim the throne which awaits you in an arena where missiles shoot out from all over. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the pleasure is overwhelming: with great shots from your catapult, it’s up to you to put the Romans back in their place!

In any case, here in the Virtual Village, the least we can say is that this game is great fun. “4 years and upwards” it says on the box… it really was designed for us! However, that’s probably why the Village Chief keeps looking at us in a pitiful way, as if to suggest he doesn’t entirely agree…

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