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Asterix Tarot Game

Asterix Tarot Game

After consulting Encyclopaedicus Britannicus, the Roman known for his erudition, it would appear that the game of tarot has its roots on the Roman side of the Alps…

Appreciated these days on the other side of the Alps as well, this card game, where chance plays only a minimal role (giving the game its letters of nobility and making it a clear-cut success amongst players who appreciate games of strategy), tarot now boasts a Gaulish version in the guise of The Mansions of the Gods.

In fact, just as they did with that famous architectural symbol of Rome’s power, our indomitable Gaulish friends appropriate the game of tarot - a pastime invented by the Romans - and redesign it in the style of their gentle Utopia, haven of the amiable chaos that is the fruit of their steadfast joie de vivre.

And readers of The Mansion of the Gods will recall that it was the bard Cacofonix who used the Celtic culture within the Roman building thought up by Caesar (a fine strategist if ever there was one) with a view to conquering the Gaulish village.
This feat of arms earns him the right to the “joker” card, which once again allows him to disrupt the carefully-laid plans of our dear friend old Jules!

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