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Asterix Taboo™ Game

Asterix Taboo™

As everyone knows, the Gauls and the Belgians are great lovers of games: the famous contest that pitted them against one another in Asterix in Belgium remains a great moment in game history.

It was therefore only natural that this album should take a place of pride in the Asterix game collection, giving Vitalstatistix and Beefix a chance to break their tie and, above all, to keep on having fun!

So here is the Asterix Taboo game, where players have to get their partners to guess a word without breaking the many rules laid out in the instructions. The duel looks to be arduous and very high spirited when you consider the difference in vocabulary and expression that often separates the “Armoricans” from their Belgian cousins.

But, not to worry, the outcome is a foregone conclusion: in the end, Caesar is a nervous wreck and our friends all sit down for their traditional banquet!

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