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Asterix Quarto™ game

Asterix - Quarto!™

Restoring a bit of order to a village being torn apart by infighting is the feat achieved by our heroes in the Asterix and the Great Divide album. Divided in two by a large ditch, the inhabitants of this village with two rival chiefs are a bit disorientated… For those who hold the principle of neutrality dear, the experience has its disadvantages, like for Schizophrenix whose house, split right down the middle, leads to him repeatedly falling into the bottom of the ditch!

Our Gauls have agreed that this situation has to come to an end, and have decided to build a back and forth bridge to link the left and right banks of the village. With Asterix QuartoTM, you too can offer your help in reorganizing the village. From two to four players, this game invites you to create a line of 4 houses on the board which have at least one characteristic in common: either they are the same colour, or houses with a chimney, houses with thatched roofs, triangular houses etc.…

The result is a brand new board game with 16 typical houses from the Asterix albums, all based on the Asterix and the Great Divide album. It's a real comfort for Schizophrenix who has forgotten all his woes!

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