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Asterix Pay Day™ Game

Asterix Pay Day™

Obelix’s career selling menhirs has received a boost which will delight collectors: a new game Obelix and Co. “La bonne paye”™ is now available in Gaul!

Caius Preposterus, the young, ambitious bursar, a great marketingmix specialist and special envoy for Julius Caesar, would never have believed that Obelix’s business would one day experience such a boom: the now-famous collection of Asterix board games warmly welcomes the “La Bonne Paye”™ (“Pay Day”™) game, based entirely on the Obelix and Co. album.

Once again, this new game is magnificent, particularly the four figurines which serve as the Gaulish counters: Obelix, Fulliautomatix, Unhygienix and Geriatrix dressed luxuriously as company directors of flourishing businesses. The Asterix village has never seen anything like it!

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