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Asterix Monopoly™ Game

Asterix Monopoly™

At last! We finally have it in our hot little hands! The long-awaited Asterix-theme Monopoly game is here! For once, dollars will not rule the board: sestertii are the star currency. The entire game from A to Z faithfully reproduces the Asterix universe: the magnificent game board follows the trials and tribulations of our two heroes as they pursue their “Asterix and the Banquet” adventures.

The playing pieces are in the form of various culinary specialties collected by Asterix and Obelix during their tour of Gaul, while Gaulish huts and Roman palaces take the place of houses and hotels.

Some traditional features such as “jail” and “bankruptcy” however could not be avoided since Getafix has not yet managed to prepare one of his secret magic potions to protect against these hazards….

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