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Asterix Memory game

Asterix – Memory game

When Tortuous Convolvulus arrives in the Crazy Gauls’ Village to stir up ill-feeling, one has to wonder if the Gauls even remember having ever been friends with each other!

With the Asterix memory game based on the album Asterix and the Roman Agent, it’s up to you to pick up the pieces and find the pairs of images which have all been taken from this album first published in 1970. In some ways it’s a “soft” version of the “psychological warfare” so dear to the legionary Magnumopus!

It should also be noted that a “green bubbles” variation allows you to play the memory game in a different way by reassembling all the pairs of speech bubbles from the pages of the album where the evil influence of Convolvulus provokes our heroes into hurling abuse at one another. (The Asterix authors indicated this graphically by using speech bubbles that may have been coloured green, but metaphorically at least were “blue”…). A real memory game at last for all Asterix addicts!

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