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Asterix Lotto Game

Asterix Lotto

Alea jacta est! It has come to my attention this very moment that the word “lotto” comes from the Italian word for “chance”. No problem then for our Gaulish friends (see the Asterix Tarot Game), who are used to taking Roman inventions and recreating them in their own inimitable style.

And so here is a fantastic Lotto game inspired by Asterix and the Goths. In the album, we see Getafix, clearly a playful sort, who delights in playing with the hands of fortune by organising the “Asterixian Wars”, responsible for the lengthy organised chaos that kept Ostrogoths and Visigoths far from Gaul’s borders.

Now it’s your turn to triumph over chance and to build up your collection of golden menhirs!

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