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Asterix Happy Families Game

Asterix Happy Families Game

What a surprise! A Happy Families game set all decked out like an Asterix album!
Asterix in Corsica is in the spotlight with a game of Happy Families that offers an unmistakable hint of the Isle of Beauty, much favoured by Corsican chef

It is a wise choice: there is nothing quite like a gaggle of fearsome Corsican clan chiefs to cultivate family spirit! With their endless quarrels over old stories about great uncles or cousins by marriage to some distant ancestor and their jealous watchfulness when it comes to their sisters, like Carferrix terrorizing the Roman Courtingdisastus who made the mistake of approaching Chipolata, they make up a whole new range of Happy Families (the proud, the lazy, the gourmet, the furious, the fortunate, and so on).

Altogether, there are 14 special families for two versions of this famous card game: one for children and one for the initiated!

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