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Asterix Draughts game

Asterix Draughts

More so than any other Asterix album, Asterix and the Secret Weapon lends itself particularly well to the game of draughts. It’s a somewhat atypical adventure where the women from the Asterix’ Village decide to take in hand the destiny of their village, on the advice of Bravura, a sort of Lutetian bard keen on the latest fashion and drumming concerts.

Great upheaval soon follows, much to Vitalstatistix’s great displeasure, with Impedimenta declaring herself to be first lady of the Village and taking over the shield from her “piggywiggy” of a husband! It will take an attack from an all-female Roman legion to unite the Gaulish women and their menfolk against the common Roman enemy.
In this case, the outcome of the game is in your hands and will depend on your strategic talent. The objective is simple: to capture or encircle your opponent’s pieces. The counters, which are placed on a customized Asterix board, are sculpted in the shape of Gaulish logs for one team and Roman columns for the other. It’s a great way of reliving the confrontations between Gaul and Rome from the comfort of your very own home.

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