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Asterix Board Games Collection

The collection of Asterix board games

There isn’t much evidence of games being played in the Asterix albums. Whilst some of the Roman legionaries play cards, following the example of the wily clientele in the Drinklikafix tavern in Asterix and the Banquet, and whilst Asterix and Getafix can been seen playing dice in Asterix and Cleopatra, our heroes’ favourite pastime undoubtedly consists of thwarting dear old Julius Caesar’s plans… On this basis, each Asterix adventure becomes a game for our indomitable Gauls!

It was in this spirit that Editions Atlas launched a collection of Asterix board games in 2006, with a classic game for each adventure featuring the most famous of all Gauls. Today, these games form a legendary collection, available in French, in German and Dutch. Monopoly™, Cluedo™, Draughts, Ludo, the Game of the Goose, Trivial Pursuit™… All these games have been reinvented based on an Asterix adventure!
A very special collection and a very special offer on Asterix.com: each Asterix board game from Editions Atlas has its own special page. See the complete list below, and make sure you have a good browse!

  1 - Asterix card game (Asterix the Legionary)
  2 - Ludo game (Asterix the Gaul)
  3 - Jeu de l'oie (Asterix and the Great Crossing)
  4 - Draughts (Asterix and the Secret Weapon)
  5 - Memory game (Asterix and the Roman Agent)
  6 - Monopoly™ (Asterix and the Banquet)
  7 - Happy Families Game (Asterix in Corsica)
  8 - Nain Jaune Game (Asterix and the Cauldron)
  9 - Dominos Game (Asterix the Gladiator)
10 - Taboo™ (Asterix in Belgium)
11 - Tarot Game (Asterix and the Mansion of the gods)
12 - Snakes and ladders (Asterix at the Olympic Games)
13 - Lotto (Asterix and the Goths)
14 - Poker (Asterix in Switzerland)
15 - Backgammon (Asterix in Britain)
16 - Cluedo™ (Asterix and the Normans)
17 - Puzzle (Asterix and the Golden Sickle)
18 - Quoridor Kid™ (Asterix and the Laurel Wreath)
19 - Chinese checkers (Asterix and the Big Fight)
20 - Trivial Pursuit™ (Asterix and the Magic Carpet)
21 - Pay Day™ (Obelix and Co)
22 - Mimons ensemble (Asterix and the Actress)
23 - Connect 4™ (Asterix and Cleopatra)
24 - Twister™ (Asterix and the Falling Sky)
25 - Roulette (Asterix and the Soothsayer)
26 - Quarto™ (Asterix and the Great Divide)
27 - Dice games (Asterix and the Black Gold)

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