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Asterix and the power of gods

Sega - «Asterix and the power of gods»1996

Caesar has stolen the legendary shield of Vercingetorix from Vitalstatistix in order to humiliate the Gauls by staging a victory parade at Gergovia (the pride of all of Gaul), astride the highly prized shield.

Playing Asterix and Obelix, your mission is to find the shield and bring it back to the village in triumph. Your adventure will lead you through more than 20 levels, from the Gaulish village all the way to Rome, with stops in Lutetia, the Roman camps, Egypt, Alexandria, Mesopotamia, and many other destinations.

Asterix and the power of gods

With :
- Adversaries galore, including Romans versed in exotic camouflage techniques (there are even a few disguised as snowballs!), lions, bears, drunken Gauls, jugglers, rats, giant guards, fat ladies (yes, you heard me, fat ladies!), crocodiles, gladiators, fiery arrows, bats, phantoms, elves, octopuses, pirates, mummies, devilish apparitions (yikes!), insects and many, many more!
- A great variety of levels: the land of Gaul ruled by a fearsome clown, Germania with the judoka Cylindric, the Sea where the pirate captain lurks, Egypt and its great lady magician Iris, India, home of Hoodunnit the Terrible; the land of the Gods, guarded by Mars, the Roman god of war, the Roman countryside and its terrifying centurion, and Rome itself, with the gladiator chief Insalubrius…

A few special Gaulish combat techniques:
- Roman flinging: do you find that merely hitting a Roman is not enough? Press "C" twice after your punch, and you'll seize that poor legionary and fling him into oblivion!
- The same type of key combination also enables such manoeuvres as the Spinning Legionary, the Roman Pancake and the Automatic Slapping Machine. It's enough to drive the Romans crazy!

Credits :
"Asterix and the power of gods" © 1995 SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD.
Sega, Sega Megadrive and Sega Genesis are trademarks of SEGA

Screen shots

Screen shot of the game Asterix and the power of gods Screen shot of the game Asterix and the power of gods Screen shot of the game Asterix and the power of gods

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