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Antique Jigsaw Puzzles

Asterix jigsaw puzzles

As specialists in scattering Roman patrols about "like jigsaw pieces", our indomitable Gauls are perplexed. This time taking magic potion won't suffice and they'll need all their insight to compile this formidable collection of Asterix puzzles.

Can you help them? Click on the titles of the Asterix jigsaw puzzles and puzzles balls assembled below to read and see more!

Asterix and The Mansions of the Gods panoramic jigsaw puzzle

Looking at this superb 184-piece panoramic jigsaw puzzle, you'd have to say that the Indomitable Gauls have got a nasty surprise in store for their roman friends…

Asterix and the Great Crossing jigsaw puzzle

A 48-piece jigsaw from Asterix and the Great Crossing is waiting for you in this beautiful Asterix puzzle.

Asterix Village panoramic jigsaw puzzle

An everyday scene from the little Gaulish village we know so well, to be assembled in this 184-piece Asterix panoramic jigsaw puzzle.

Asterix and the Class Act jigsaw puzzle

Obelix has been revising all summer long to avoid falling behind in class with this Asterix and the Class Act jigsaw puzzle!

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