Are some of the jewels of your collection still not in Asterix Universalis? With Wikix, you can contribute to enriching the Translation Exchange by sending us pictures of your album covers.
Your username will then be added to the album file, commemorating your entry into the Druid assembly dedicated to preserving Gaulish heritage for future generations.
And who knows, maybe one day your name will be at the top of our list of the biggest Wikix contributors!

Sic transit gloria mundi, as Pegleg might say!
* Pictures of the cover and first plate of the album (optional) must be in Jpeg format, compressed to a reasonable size, with a minimum size of 600x800 pixels.

** Is your album a first edition of Asterix the Gaul in Swedish? Is it the first print of Asterix and the Class Act with the number 32 on the edge? The 'comments' box allows you to tell us any additional information that will help ensure your album its proper place in the Asterix Universalis.

*** Optional