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Asterix and the Picts

On 24th October 2013, Asterix and the Picts will be on the shelves of every bookshop in the Known World! The Picts? Yes, the Picts! These people of ancient Scotland comprised many clans of formidable warriors. Their name, given by the Romans, literally means "painted men".

Asterix and the Picts thus continues in the tradition of the adventures of the most famous Gaul, an epic journey to a land rich in traditions and the discovery of a people whose cultural differences will result in memorable gags and wordplay. Bets are open on readers' forums where impatient discussions are in full flow…Whisky? Caber tossers? Bagpipes? Names beginning with Mac? The origins of Hadrian's Wall and the Loch Ness Monster finally revealed? And, who knows, perhaps even Gauls in kilts?... Suspense is at its height!

Visit your local bookshop on the 24th October 2013 to pick up what already promises to be a classic of the Asterix comic book series: Asterix and the Picts!

A working session at Albert Uderzo’s place with Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad

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